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Beta makes things happen. We provide the technical knowledge, project management and funding expertise that helps to fast-track innovative ideas. Our input can change the dynamics within a business, a government programme, or a private-sector project. Whether your focus is on research and development, technology transfer, or finding new products and market opportunities, we’re a consultancy that can help you; cutting through inertia, overcoming barriers and delivering impact.

A global dimension

We think and work on a global scale, helping businesses of any size to grow through innovation and collaboration. Working across a number of sectors, we bring organisations together throughout the supply chain, to support the development of new products and processes. We have wide experience of international markets, helping clients to exploit opportunities for niche technologies.

Beta is well connected to innovation agencies in both Europe and Brazil. We can bring together cross-border collaborations and provide routes to sources of funding for research projects. As technology transfer specialists, we can also help companies to broaden their supply chain, sourcing new technologies developed in Brazil. Through our direct experience and that of our local partner, TCA Brasil, Beta can also provide valuable, cultural understanding of working within the Brazilian business context.

Knowledge you can profit from

Beta has 30 years experience of running major, private sector projects and public sector programmes. By bridging the public and private sector, we can successfully transfer knowledge to drive innovation for our clients. We can also provide experienced, technical experts across a number of sectors, including advanced materials, automotive, rail and space. This global network of specialists can provide both technical expertise and advice on exploitation and routes to market. They are well connected and can make valuable connections to new collaborators. By harnessing our knowledge and experience, clients can achieve real business advantage.

A team that delivers

At Beta, we build strong, productive and long-term client relationships. We build our team and processes around the specific needs of our individual clients and because we listen, we can be more responsive. We have a 30 year track record of success and our longest standing client is a Brazilian company.

Case study

Since 2010, Beta has been developing links with funders, companies and government departments in Brazil, as a network to support technology transfer from the UK to Brazil. On behalf of a multinational company, headquartered in Europe, we investigated the potential to transfer a unique technology to Brazil. This involved identifying and engaging with key stakeholders in Brazil, which included both commercial partners and public sector funders. We provided a valuable insight into the Brazilian market and also engaged with both the UK and Brazilian governments to foster support for the project at senior levels.

Our tried and tested technology transfer methodology is shown in the figure below:

Beta Technology Ltd Diagram

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